Supporting ag teachers with science lessons and labs

Meredith Wolfe, Courtney Bockbrader, and Whitney Short recently shared some great resources and activities with 18 Ohio agriculture teachers. The workshops covered plants, environment and natural resources, biotechnology, and agriscience fair activities and labs. The presenters highlighted the GrowNextGen website and the free curriculum and resources especially designed for the AFNR classes in the Ag Business pathway.

Attendees had the opportunity to conduct labs from the GNG website, so they’d be prepared to teach the labs in the classroom. They made soy-based soap and lip balm, learned about tropism and plant anatomy activity, created water filters and identified macroinvertebrates, used a brix tester to measure sugar content, and completed a triangle test. They also discussed best practices regarding incorporating biotechnology and science into the agriculture classroom, as well as effectively conducting agriscience fair projects.