Teachers LOVE making biodiesel with us!

GrowNextGen educators Jane Hunt and Heather Bryan recently led an Engineering in Agriculture workshop for 29 teachers at The Works in Newark, Ohio. The event included participants from elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. Lessons presented included:

The goal of the workshop was to explain how engineering is a process used to solve problems or improve upon existing solutions. Teachers also learned about some of the engineering solutions being used today in agriculture.

A teacher from Licking Heights said, “It was the best professional development workshop ever—in 7 years of teaching—and the first time I have walked away having learned so much!”

So what’s with the funny photo? Hunt explained, “Biodiesel must be warmed to speed up the methoxide reaction. Some used a crockpot to warm it, but others opted to use body heat—some even wrapped it up and cuddled it as if it were a baby!”