38 interns gathered in Springfield at Global Impact STEM Academy for the Exploration of Modern Farming intern training. Through a grant from Battelle and the Ohio Soybean Council, these college students will be presenting activities on modern agricultural topics to audiences around Ohio, starting this spring and continuing through the summer. Schools represented included the Ohio State University, Wilmington College, Central State University, and the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute.

After several ice-breaker activities designed to help the individuals get to know one another, they were split into four groups to be trained in four different topics:

Soil compaction, using a Makeblock robot to experiment with different wheels and tracks

GMOs and their benefits in agriculture

Making soy biodiesel and testing it in putt-putt boats

Drones and light technology to assess crop health

These great hands-on activities will help people learn about current issues in farming, as well as the role of technology and research in agriculture. We’ll be bringing you updates on these events as they take place, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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