Urban students visit the Farm Science Review

Pam Snyder, a BioScience Technology Teacher at the Ft. Hayes Career Center and Columbus City Schools, came to Farm Science Review with her class and students from a horticulture program at Ft. Hayes. The career center, located in downtown Columbus, is unique in its setting and the fact that it has an FFA program in the city. 51 students spent time doing a scavenger hunt designed to introduce them to the diversity of the Farm Science Review.

“The problem with students looking for information on the internet is that it’s hard to find a reliable source. Here we are, and here are the experts who can provide that reliable information!” Snyder said. She noted that the key to a successful experience is to divide the students into small groups, each with an adult chaperone. The presenters are happy to talk to an attentive group, and adults can help ‘interpret’ unfamiliar terms for the students.

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