Virtual learning about food science careers

Teachers, do your students know about the many careers associated with Food Science? GrowNextGen provides many resources to help them gain this knowledge, including food science workshops. Kalley Schaefer of Fayette High School attended Experience Food Science: Field to Package, sponsored by the Ohio Soybean Council and the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT), and she shares about her experience:

“After attending the Food Science conference sponsored through GrowNextGen last summer, I was able to implement this content into my Science and Technology of Food course, part of the Ag Business Pathway in the Agricultural Education course.

I had originally planned on using the yogurt culture lab with my students, but due to COVID-19, I had to change my plans. I was able to utilize the great virtual resources available on GrowNextGen’s website and still give students a look at what is involved in the Food Science career field.

I assigned the students the Food Science course, and they worked through the unit and watched corresponding videos. After that, they were to research a career that they had learned about in a video and fill out an infographic over specific questions one should ask when looking into a career path. The students seemed very responsive to the content in the course.

The workshop was planned out so well, from the labs, the tours and even the food truck that provided lunch. There was great, useful content that can be incorporated into the curriculum so easily. The food science industry is not well-known or considered much by high schoolers looking into their career path after high school. I would like to provide the students enough interest that they will continue moving towards the Food Science industry.”

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