Over 40 educators gathered at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on Election Day for a ChickQuest workshop. This hands-on STEM program involves a variety of science activities—measuring, predicting, hypothesizing, testing, and engineering. One project (pictured) is to design an “egg catcher” that will protect the egg as it is dropped from above. Though geared toward a 3rd grade classroom, the activities are adaptable, as evidenced by participants’ responses.

Julie Davenport and Chandra Gardner, Flying Colors preschool teachers, are excited about using the program with their students. “They just love the hands-on aspects of being able to touch the chicks,” said Davenport. Clarissa Bush of Danville Middle School teaches 6th grade, and she made note of the scientific terms and explanations used by presenter Heather Bryan. “I will be bringing the material to a higher level,” said Bush, “and we will also do some reading and research tied in to this project.”

Denise Riley and Pam Stout of Georgian Heights Elementary School, a math/science/environmental studies focused school, also attended the workshop. They have hatched eggs before and appreciate the variety of activities and lessons presented. “These will give us some new ideas to share with other classes in our school,” said Riley.