Water quality e-learning increases understanding

What do your students know about algal blooms? Our free e-learning course will help them understand what causes the problem and how farmers are working to help the environment. Melissa Abrams, a teacher at Hillsdale High School, attended the Ohio Soybean Council-sponsored Ag Biotech Academy and used this GrowNextGen resource with her 9th and 10th grade biology classes.

Abrams made a worksheet to guide students through the online learning course about Water Quality, then had them find a recent article about a real-life example of eutrophication/algal blooms and reflect on it.

Most students said they learned a lot from the learning course and articles. Some focused on Ohio waters, while others focused on problems in Florida since it has been in the news a lot lately. Abrams feels that this activity will deepen their understanding of this topic.

Abrams said she appreciated being able to talk to other science teachers at the Ag Biotech Academy workshop since her school has a science department with only three people and no common planning times to communicate or share ideas. “The workshop gave me both knowledge and materials to bring back projects and easily integrate them. I’m looking forward to doing gel electrophoresis with my forensics classes in the upcoming months, as well as other activities from the conference.”

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