You’re invited on a virtual field trip to a pig farm! Prep your students for their visit with our Ready-made resource!

Teachers: More than 95% of all soybean meal (soy protein) is used to feed animals, primarily chickens and pigs. Our friends at the Ohio Pork Council are offering a free virtual field trip to a pig farm. Elementary students will learn more about pigs, pork and farmers via this one-of-a-kind experience, especially for those who have never set foot on a farm.

Each teacher who signs up will receive a copy of Gail Gibbons’ book Pigs; Welcome to our Farm, a storybook from the National Pork Board; and a link to a classroom reading guide!

Sign up for this great opportunity!

Before you take your ‘field trip’, use our Ready-Made Resource to give students contextual knowledge through math, reading, and drawing. Elementary students will learn about the growth and development of pigs by utilizing STEM skills to create explanations, analyze data and calculate ratios.