​Jane Kuhlman
Mount Vernon Middle School

I teach in a 7th grade science classroom at Mount Vernon Middle School. ChickQuest is a little extra I do with my kids in the spring. Many students will start out telling how they have already watched this in Kindergarten or another grade school class and that this wasn’t a big thing. However, as the days go by, it is often those same students that can’t wait to check on the eggs and then, chicks! I put a camera on the eggs as they hatch. The students will cheer the chicks on, telling them, “You can make it!”

Of course, some of the eggs don’t hatch. So I will break them open, so the students can see what’s inside, and we will guess what happened to them. This project also reaches out to other students in the school. I will have kids from all three grades coming in to see.

I really love doing this project ​at the end of the year, because it is a really good way to keep up interest in science.