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Agricultural Education

Are you interested in helping to shape the future of the agricultural industry? Do you enjoy learning and teaching about nature, plants and animals?

A career in agricultural education may be right for you. Agriculture educators teach students about agriculture, food and natural resources. These subjects help students develop a wide variety of skills, including science, math, communications, leadership, management and technology. Many agriculture educators have a content area specialization such as agricultural mechanics, soil science, animal science, dairy science, horticulture, or natural resources.

A national shortage of agriculture educators exists at the secondary level. It is estimated that there will be hundreds of unfilled positions across the United States each year, simply because not enough students are choosing to be agriculture educators. That means this is a high-demand career with many job opportunities, room to grow, and good salary potential.

Sample career videos

Tagged to teach ag

Learn about the career of agricultural education, the need for ag teachers in the U.S., and why it might be a great career for you. Thanks to the National Association of Agricultural Educators for sharing this video. Credit: National …

Teach agriculture Ohio

Considering teaching agriculture? Learn more about the profession. Thanks to Teach Agriculture Ohio for sharing this video. Credit: Teach Agriculture Ohio.

Why I teach ag

Why do you teach agriculture? Listen to these ag teachers on why it is such a rewarding experience! Thanks to the National Association of Agricultural Educators for sharing this video. Credit: National Association of Agricultural Educators.

Careers in Agricultural Education

  • Adult Agricultural Education Instructor
  • Ag Literacy Coordinator
  • Agricultural Education Professor
  • Farm Business Management Instructor
  • High School Agriscience Teacher
  • Two-year Technical College Agriculture Instructor
  • Young Farmer Instructor

E-learning modules

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