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GrowNextGen teacher leader

Katrina Swinehart

Assistant professor, School of Agricultural Education and Food Science, Central State University

Katrina knows a lot about: agriculture education, agriscience, outreach

What was your “aha” moment when you realized the value of connecting agriculture and science?

As an AgriScience teacher, it seemed natural to teach my course content using science. The application of science to agriculture topics is seamless, and the students have gleaned so much more information from my class that is applicable in other classes and aspects of their life because of this conscious decision I made for the curriculum that is taught in my classroom.

The lab activities we complete in my classroom help to bring learning to life for my students. I enjoy watching them have fun in my class while they are learning. I also enjoy seeing their constant curiosity turn into “light bulb moments” where they can truly say they understand a concept.

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