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GrowNextGen industry leader

Jenna Gregorich

Bird Health Programs Manager at Ohio Poultry Association

Jenna knows a lot about: poultry, chickens, turkeys, bird health

Jenna oversees Ohio’s National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) and works cooperatively with state leaders such as USDA and ODA to write and implement Ohio’s Avian State Disease Response Plan for an event such as Avian Influenza.

OPA works closely with poultry producers of all sizes and can help answer any questions regarding poultry. She is happy to do a classroom visit, host virtual field trips, and help with lesson plans and any other educational materials that OPA may have.

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As official state agency for the NPIP program, OPA can help answer questions on backyard flock health, selling across state lines, and showing requirements. OPA also represents over 1,000 commercial poultry farmers across the state and can share information on all aspects of poultry production from farm to table.

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