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Industry leader

Kelsie Heath

Management trainee at Zen-Noh Grain Corporations Export Terminal in Convent, Louisiana

Kelsie knows a lot about


Kelsie Heath is a Management Trainee in our Operations department. She works in the Feed Ingredients division, where grain dust is taken from the corn and soybeans and made into a product for cattle. She is willing to help teachers by providing background information for lesson content and providing materials such as soybeans, oil, chemicals, etc. for lessons and labs.

What is the benefit of collaboration between industry and education?

Connecting the two allows students to see all the opportunities. Students will gain real-life experiences and knowledge about the industry. It also will provide teachers with knowledge to educate the students.

What do teachers and students need to know about your industry?

We need to make sure we have all the resources to produce enough crops not only for America, but for the world. It all starts with the farmers: if they aren’t having a good growing crop then competition will be greater in other countries. As the world population is growing we need to get creative on how to maximize yields for the farmer. Working in an export facility, it is important to see and understand that as the big picture.