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GrowNextGen industry leader

Maggie Lewis

Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Entomology, The Ohio State University

Maggie knows a lot about: entolomogy, soybeans, soybean aphids

I study the soybean aphid and host plant resistance in soybeans. My current research examines how abiotic stressors associated with global climate change alter interactions between aphids and their host plants, with a long-term goal of understanding how climate might affect the spread of aphid resistance to soybeans.

What is the benefit of collaboration between industry and education?
Collaboration is critical for fostering new ideas, as it helps both parties understand an issue from a different viewpoint. It also exposes students to new career options and helps prepare them to enter the STEM workforce.

What value/assistance can you and your company provide to teachers and classrooms as they connect with you?
I am happy to provide feedback or assistance in developing lesson content. I am also willing to participate in field trips or classroom visits where possible and can provide soybeans and soybean aphid samples for classroom experiments or demonstrations.

Why should teachers connect with you through GrowNextGen?
Soybeans and the soybean aphid are a fascinating system that can be relevant to many different aspects of the classroom curriculum. Soybean aphids are also easy to handle and provide a great opportunity for developing interactive classroom activities.

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