Over 60 Ohio teachers recently participated in a unique, virtual version of the ChickQuest program. This project was a collaboration between Ohio Soybean Council and Summit County Educational Service Center. Each teacher received training in using the ChickQuest curriculum, along with supplies to follow along with the hands-on activities.

The three-session workshop training was presented live by Educationprojects.org’s Heather Bryan and viewed on Zoom. It will allow teachers from northeastern Ohio to implement ChickQuest with students in a variety of learning situations. The STEM activities are flexible for in-person, remote, and hybrid learning experiences.

ChickQuest is a perennially popular program. Topics include abiotic/biotic factors, animal habitats, stages of development, life cycles, animal characteristics, genetic traits, and animal behaviors, along with language arts connections.

Teachers received an instructional guide, student log book, 250 ml beaker, spring scale, tape measure, magnifying lens, hygrometer/thermometer, along with an incubator, egg turner, and a dozen fertilized eggs. Students will each receive a student log book, 250 ml beaker, spring scale, tape measure, magnifying lens and hygrometer/thermometer.

As the students go through the program, they will have opportunities to observe and ask questions, plan simple investigations, employ measuring tools to gather data, communicate about observations and investigations, and use engineering design practices. Teachers will share the hatching experience via webcams.

This workshop series was funded by the Ohio Collaborative Grant in partnership with Summit ESC/Missi Zender-Sakach. Educationprojects.org, GrowNextGen and Ohio 4H collaborated with SESC on the grant.

Watch for upcoming ChickQuest workshops on the GrowNextGen website, social media, and newsletter!