Supporting teachers in new teaching models

Erika Meeks of Niles McKinley High School participated in our Ag/Med Biotech workshop last fall, giving her a chance to see the connections between the two fields. Teachers in the workshop received classroom supplies. Meeks shares about her use of a BioRad GFP kit for an activity on Bacterial Concentration and Lysis.

Thank you for helping my evolution of teaching in these trying times! This gave my students an opportunity that they would not have been able to receive otherwise.

We made it work with a google meet session. The students were able to watch me go through the lab and could even see the glowing of the pellet when I turned the lights out in the room. I was able to introduce them to a new set of vocabulary words such as pellet, supernatant, and centrifugation.

My students learned that you have to properly balance a centrifuge so that it will not break when it spins. They were impressed with how fast the centrifuge spun. I cannot wait to hopefully have my students back full-time in the classroom performing lab experiments as a class.