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Rave review for Ag Biotech Academy from a returning teacher!

Kelly Mikhail teaches zoology and immunology at Worthington Christian High School. She returned to Ag Biotech Academy this year, and here’s what she said when we asked why:… continue reading →

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Ag Biotech Academy: another winning workshop!

Ag Biotech Academy 2017: 2 days, 29 teachers, and lots of lively learning! This Ohio Soybean Council-sponsored workshop took place at the Global Impact STEM Academy in July, with two activity tracks.… continue reading →

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Learning and using gel electrophoresis in class

After attending last summer’s Ag Biotech Academy workshop, Catherine Ledford-Jones used the gel electrophoresis lesson with her biology class at Dixie High School. The workshop provided an opportunity… continue reading →

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Sharing the joys of soy

Ohio Soybean Council ambassador Dustin Homan was spreading some joy in Crestline, Ohio recently with his presentation “The Joys of Soy”. 40 students enrolled in agricultural education classes at Colonel… continue reading →

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Vote for Egg Education!

Over 40 educators gathered at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on Election Day for a ChickQuest workshop. This hands-on STEM program involves a variety of science activities—measuring,… continue reading →

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Building a bouncier ball

GrowNextGen kept things lively at the Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers’ annual fall workshop, held at the Holden Arboretum. Teacher leaders Jane Hunt and Dustin Homan presented a polymer… continue reading →

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Woeber's Mustard plant tour reveals an array of job opportunities

What’s even more amazing than the hundreds of products made at the Woeber’s Mustard plant? All of the jobs related to them! Teachers attending the Ag Biotech Academy workshop toured the facility and… continue reading →

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Workshop shows & tells teachers about job possibilities for students

How can you help your students learn about jobs in your area? The Ohio Soybean Council is a co-founding member of the North Central Workforce Alliance (NCWA). NCWA recently held a pilot workshop to… continue reading →

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