Are you Sterile?

How do sterilization techniques affect our ability to preserve and culture organisms?
In vitro collecting (IVC) is the process of starting plant tissue cultures with minimal disturbance to the plants when viable seeds are not available. Become the field researcher and learn how to collect tissue samples in a non-sterile environment using aseptic techniques. Use standard laboratory operating procedures (SLOPs) to prepare media for the IVC process.


Teacher background

In vitro collecting allows for the potential to conserve crops and wild or endangered species. The level of contamination must be controlled, which permits successful growth of any in vitro collected germplasm. Biotechnology has a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from sales and marketing, to research and development, manufacturing and quality control and assurance. The total number of biotechnology companies is increasing, and employment in the biotechnology field continues to grow as well.

Curriculum author

Rachel Sanders

Science Instructor and FFA Advisor at Global Impact STEM Academy at Global Impact STEM Academy.




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